Ryanair issues its annual cabin crew bikini calendar

The flight crew is taking off -- its clothes, that is.

Algarve Car Hire GirlsDirt cheap airline Ryanair has released a their annual “Girls of Ryanair” calendar of bikini-clad female flight attendants.

Proceeds from the cheesecake calendar go to a charity that aids children withe the genetic skin ailment epidermolysis bullosa.

The airline was been putting out the calendar to raise money for various charities since 2008.

“The 2012 Ryanair Cabin Crew Charity Calendar is the sexiest ever, featuring 13 cabin crew stunners in swimwear and lingerie,” the airline crowed in a press release.

The calendar can be purchased in-flight for 10 euros ($14).

Critics of the calendars say that the skin shots are more about publicity for the ultra-cheap airline, best known for removing toilets on some flights to make room for more seats and charging big bucks for to check even one bag.

In 2009, Mary Honeyball, a Labour party leader in the UK, accused Ryanair of "sexualising" the airline industry in "a desperate bid for profits,” the Telegraph reported.

Michael O'Leary, the airline's chief executive dencounced the female polititian as as "anti-fun" and sent her a copy of the calendar.


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