UK Airports & Airlines flying into Faro Airport

Here you can find some indication of which airports in the UK operate direct flights to Faro we have taken each region and provided detailed information on which airlines fly into Portugal. Please bear in mind that these routes can vary depending on the time of year with fewer flights operating over the winter months.

Ryan Air Flight to Algarve PortugalFrom Ireland you can fly from Cork Airport to Faro with Aerlingus or Ryanair: Derry Airport to Faro with Ryanair from Dublin to Faro with Aerlingus and Ryanair or from Belfast International Airport to Faro you have a good choice with Aer Lingus, flythomascook, Thomson Flights and easyJet all operating flights into the Algarve.

Starting with the North of England, from Scotland you can fly from Glasgow Airport to Faro with Thomson Flights, charter and easyJet and from Edinburgh Airport to Faro with and Ryanair.

Fly from Blackpool Airport to Faro with you can fly from Liverpool Airport to Faro with Ryanair or easyJet: Manchester Airport to Faro with Monarch, flythomascook, and Thomson Flights: Newcastle Airport to Faro with easyJet, flythomascook, Thomson Flights: Doncaster Sheffield Airport to Faro with easyJet and Thomson Flights and from Leeds Bradford Airport to Faro with Ryanair, flythomascook and

You can fly from Birmingham Airport to Faro with Ryanair, flythomascook, bmibaby, Thomson Fly and Monarch or alternatively fly from Nottingham East Midlands Airport to Faro with Ryanair,Thomson Flights, and bmibaby.

There are three London Airports which offer flights direct to Faro: London Gatwick Airport to Faro with easyJet, flythomascook, Monarch, Thomson Flights and British Airways: London Stansted to Faro with Ryanair, Thomson Flights, Air Berlin and easyJet and Luton Airport to Faro with flythomascook, Monarch, Thomson Flights.

In Wales you can fly from Cardiff Airport to Faro with flythomascook, bmibaby and Thomson Flights.

Down in the south flights from Bristol Airport to Faro are offered by easyJet, flythomascook, Thomson Flights and Ryanair: if you live in Devon you can fly from Exeter Airport to Faro with Flybe and Thomson Flights: flights from Bournemouth Airport to Faro are offered by Ryanair or you can fly from Southampton Airport to Faro with Flybe.


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