Food fanatics may like Algarve, Portugal

Those looking for the finest cuisine on their holidays this year may be tempted by the offerings found throughout Portugal’s Algarve region, the Irish Times reports, as the region has a diverse palette of dining options and has become known for some of the lowest prices on accommodation in the EU.

Surrounding Faro, the Algarve region has a warm climate that makes it a popular destination for holidaymakers from Britain and colder regions of Europe year-round. In turn, many golf courses and spa hotels have popped up in the Algarve, seeking to appeal to visitors from around the world.

Now, the Irish Times has revealed, many have been enjoying the culinary riches of the region, which lays claim to Portugal’s only two Michelin-starred restaurants, the Vila Joya in Albufeira and the Ocean in the Vila Vita Parc in Porches.

The newspaper also held an interview with Irish chef Jonnie Pratt, who moved to the region over ten years ago and opened his own restaurant in a small town just outside Faro.

Pratt praised the diversity of the country’s cuisine, an attribute which makes its exploration a worthwhile pursuit.

“It’s such a long and narrow country that it’s very hard to pin down exactly what Portuguese food is – it changes so much, as the regions are all so different,” he told the Irish Times.

“There’s a lot more to Portuguese dishes than just piri piri or salt cod,” Pratt said. “A great example is cataplana. When it’s well made, it’s epic – a wonderful mix of seafood and meat cooked in a traditional copper pot. Porco à Alentejana, fried pork with clams, is also fantastic, but doesn’t get talked about enough.”



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