Holiday facts about Madeira

There is much to praise the island of Madeira for. However, we’ve managed to squeeze in these five to get you fired up about a place that’s popular all year round with families, couples, and travellers alike. A cheap holiday to Madeira has a lot to offer.


Madeira is an underrated Holiday Haven

There is a very low ratio of tourists to locals which gives you the chance to explore an island that exudes its own character; allowing you to enjoy the beaches without hoards of people jostling for a spot.

Madeira grows some of the most beautiful flowers in the world

The island’s main preoccupation is farming and takes a keen interest in the growth of many exotic and rare flowers. This ranges from Angels trumpet, camels foot tree, bamboo orchid and many more with delightful names which match the beauty of their appearances.


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Madeira is a Painter’s Paradise

The picturesque landscape has often inspired numerous people to pick up their paint brushes and capture their favourite image of the island. One of Madeira’s most famous visitors who was a proponent of the painting arts was Winston Churchill who loved the area of Camara de Lobos.

Hang out at the local ‘Festa’

This is the local people’s favourite weekend activity during the summer. These are places to hang out with a beer, meet new people and listen to some rock or traditional live music. Watch out for fireworks to announce where they are held.

Caves of Sao Vincente show you the birth of Madeira

These caves are fully accessible to the public and show an astonishing view of volcanic stalagmites, lava cakes, and ‘the erratic block’ (a stone carried by the lava, so large it got stuck in one of the lava channels).


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