About the Algarve

Algarve is the shouthmost region of Portugal and is known as the main portuguese region for holiday makers from around the world.

Algarve is in for a treat. If you seek a life involving meals that last for hours, long walks on the beach and in the mountains, and a climate that allows you to spend at least some of most days in the open air, the algarve could be the place for you. Alternatively, algarve life can also be very traditional and you only need to go ten miles into the hills to witness families living self-sufficient lifestyles that differ little from decades ago. If you are not dependant on finding employment, the algarve has much to offer you as an expat, not least the sea, sunshine and sardines.

Algarve days are long and dry with winters continuing to stay mild with limited rainfall. July and august are the hottest months in the algarve with average temperatures reaching 30°c. You will also find up to 12 hours of sunshine a day meaning you have plenty of time to enjoy the day. The coastal breezes tend to keep the temperatures slightly lower to enable you to feel more comfortable in the heat. The spring and autumn is still warm with temperatures at 17-19°c. The coldest winter months are january and december although the temperature is till at around 15°c. There is also still around 6 hours of sunshine a day. From november to march is when most of the rainfall comes however on average there are only around 50 days of rainfall a year.

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