Multi-million investment to boost Algarve tourism

A record-breaking budget of around €7 million has been approved by the Algarve Tourism Association (ATA)’s General Assembly (AG) to promote the Algarve internationally in 2010. Nuno Aires, president of the Algarve Regional Tourism Entity (ERTA) as well as of the ATA, said that in comparison to 2009, this year’s budget had benefitted from an increase of nearly one million euros, though that amount could yet still rise by March this year.

On January 29th ATA’s General Assembly approved “the biggest budget ever”, which included “€6.75 million to achieve the strategic objectives defined to promote the region in international markets in 2010”, a press release from the Association read.

In 2009 ATA’s budget was around €5.8 million.

This year’s budget will be put towards creating regional promotional brandings such as ‘Image Algarve’, ‘Sun and Sea’, ‘Golf’, ‘Residential Tourism’, ‘Meeting Industry’, ‘Culture’, ‘Health and Well Being’, ‘Nature’, and ‘Sport’.

Five angles on which the Algarve’s promotion is to be based include the diversification of markets, the promotion of new products in niche markets, the capitalisation of new routes to Faro Airport, reinforcing investment in new technologies, and the promotion of concrete actions in cooperation with the region’s main tour operators.

The ATA is also celebrating the fact that the Algarve’s business network made a decisive contribution to the budget.



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